Welcome to DadsPaidAds.com We’re glad and grateful you’re here.

Hello my name is Lance Adcock and this is my beautiful family. I'm the dad. I created DadsPaidAds.com. It's one of our family businesses. I promise your family business will love our family business.

When my father died of cancer my family was struck down by poverty. We kept searching and struggling for a way to Dig our way out. We finally found a light  at the end of the tunnel. 

Connecting online is the future business. Inflation in the price of products, services &  gasoline is really hit our family hard. I'm afraid of how the internet will affect our children.

Our story

I have a background in 3D animation and one day I realized If I was going to continue to work I would have to sell myself to others. But I didn't know how to do it.

Then I started to see a rise and content creation, and influencers, and people making  money online in ways  I found surprising. 

I got out the drawing board and made it my mission to learn how to make money online. I studied web development, video editing, SEO, funnels, anything and everything that would Give value to people in a digital world. I can reach the world with paid advertising.

I quickly realized people hated my ads. People hate ads. No one wants to watch anything that you create. I started to  think how can I reach people without coming off like a Salesman.

It took a long time but I finally understood but you don't sell to people you educate them. It's all about the message.

Your clients have to know like and trust you. If you have a business And want to take it to another level click the Let's talk button.