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6 Things We Need To Know !

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● What are you finding most challenging right now? 
● Is this a problem that both you and the business feel is worth solving? 
● What are the possible implications, both to you and the business, of not finding and implementing the right solution?


● Do you have a budget for this project? 
● What marketing are you currently doing and how much are you spending? 
● Have you spent money on this already? How much?


● How quickly do you want or need to act on addressing this issue? 
● What’s the urgency to act now or what kind of deadlines are you working with to solve this problem?
● What makes you want to address these challenges now? 
● Are there seasonality issues? 
● Does it align with your budget planning and when does that usually happen?
 ● How long will the approval process take?


● How have you tried solving these issues in the past?
 ● Are you currently working on, or have someone working on a solution?
 ● What are some of the ways you tried addressing your challenges in the past? 
● Have you entered into any agreements with anyone else?


● Provided that I show you enough value in using our service or product, would you have the authority to make the final purchasing decision?
 ● Who else needs to be involved in making a purchasing decision with regards to this product or service? 
● Who is that person?

6. “How Did You Hear About Us?”

It’s a simple question that sounds more like a formality than a sales qualifier, but we can actually tell a lot about you based on how they found us.

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