5 Ingredients of an Awesome Tik Tok Post

5 Ingredients of an Awesome Tik Tok Post

Thinking of using TikTok? Wondering how to publish your first TikTok video?

In this article, you’ll discover 5 Ingredients of an Awesome Tik Tok Post plus, editing, and effects features to create your first TikTok for business.

All the great post have 5 great elements.

1. Video

When creating content, you can either follow current trends and challenges or just be creative and come up with your own ideas

What's The Most Liked Video On TikTok?

Make sure you have good lighting when shooting your videos - ideally, stand in front of a window to get natural light on your face

Your video has to catch people’s attention in the first 1-2 seconds, otherwise they will keep scrolling (attention span is getting shorter)

We recommend shooting your videos outside of the TikTok app and then using a video editing app like Splice before importing them into TikTok

Inside the TikTok app, you have the option to record a 15- second or a 60-second video. The most popular videos are 10 seconds or more

You can also use a template to create a slideshow with your pictures, but this kind of content is not very popular and it doesn’t do very well

It’s useful to batch produce your content and then save the videos as drafts to post them at a later time

When editing your video we suggest you use an app called Splice. https://spliceapp.com/

Splice - Video Editor & Maker - Apps on Google Play
Reviewing Splice Video Editor on iPhone | Video Translator

Then import into Tik Tok.

2. Sound

TikTok was originally a dancing and lip syncing app called Musical.ly, so sounds are still a huge part of the platform

How To Use TikTok Sounds

There are 3 main ways you can use sounds on TikTok:

A lot of songs became popular after people used them of TikTok

#1 Record your own voice for videos that provide value

#2 Use a song (import one yourself or choose from the library)

#3 Use other people’s sounds (like conversation parts of TV shows)

When you don’t talk in the video and just use a song, your content has a better chance of going viral in a wider range of countries (no language barrier)

Some songs will be associated with a specific trend or challenge, so when people hear it, they know what to expect from the video

Save all the sounds that you like by adding them to favorites

3. Effects

One of the most important ingredients that make a video go viral.

How to Make a TikTok Video with Cool Effects

Effects are visual overlays or games created by TikTok that make it easier for users to create content

 If you hop on a trend by using a popular effect, you increase the chances of people watching your video because they know what to expect

 You can use an effect the same way other people did or put your own spin on it The name of the effects people use shows up in the posts, so you can always save your favorite effects

Put your Own Spin on the Trend.

4. Titles

Titles are a great way to add value to your video or to substitute your voice to explain what’s going on 

TikTok Adds New Option to Insert Text Headings onto Video Thumbnails |  Social Media Today

Titles can help your video go viral in countries where people don’t speak English very well 

When adding text, keep in mind that if you put it too close to the bottom or to the side it will be covered by other elements like your description, hashtags, or your profile picture

5. Description & hashtags

The TikTok description is limited to 100 characters - including hashtags and tags

Top TikTok Hashtags and Where to Find More - Small Business Trends

Use 1-2 sentences to add value to the video and offer additional information, not just to describe what’s happening 

Unlike on Instagram, on TikTok, most people discover videos in their feed, not through searching for hashtags 

Use between 3-7 relevant hashtags for each post When you’re starting out, use less popular hashtags for which you have a chance to rank higher

When you search for a hashtag, the most popular videos will be shown first

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