How to Use TikTok Micro-Influencers for Content

How to Use TikTok Micro-Influencers for Content

Types of influencers

Micro influencers have engagement rates of 17.96% on TikTok, 3.86% on Instagram, and 1.63% on YouTube. On the other hand, big influencers have engagement rates of 4.96% on TikTok, 1.21% on Instagram, and 0.37% on YouTube.

Much more people engage with influencers of any size on TikTok compared to other social networks. And secondly, smaller influencers on TikTok do very well.

Before you continue, you need to understand the different types of influencers there are:

  • Nano-influencers: 1,000 – 10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers: 10,000 – 50,000 followers
  • Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 – 500,000 followers
  • Macro influencers: 500,000 – 1 million followers
  • Mega influencers: 1 million – 5 million followers
  • Celebrity influencers: Over 5 million followers

This is the accurate categorization, however, you will hear a lot of people grouping the first 3 types of influencers as “micro-influencers”.

How to Use TikTok Micro-Influencers for Content

The Secret to Creating Great Ads is to make the Ads not look like ADS.

The Ads that look like native content always work better.

Think about it. Our Brain Clicks away. Or swips aways from Ads As fast as it CAN.


Is YouTube Allowing Accidental Ad Clicks By Design? – Matt Refghi

The Content needs to look like native TikTok Content. Even Better The Content needs to be delivered by Native Content Creators.

Your Business wants to create ads that look good, You must ask yourself is that the ads users want to see?

If you look at the example below. It’s starts of with a girl Eating something Good. She show you have to make the good thing she is eating. Then a Button shows up showing you how to buy that good thing. The Cost to make this ad is practically nothing and will convert very well.

Look at the Pepsi Ad below. This add probably cost 100k of so to put together and most people will swipe it away because it looks like an AD. It is just a reflex action. It would have been better for pepsi just to have some girl drinking a pepsi than all this production value.

Now. Let’s talk about Influencers. How to get them. Why is it important. The Biggest Mistakes.

First the Biggest Mistakes.

We need to buy the Content from the Creators and run it as our own ADS. That’s that real power, because you can Target the Ad toward your demographics.

Why we like using TikTok Influencers. 

We buy from people that we trust.

Garrison Wynn Quote: “People buy from people they trust and they trust  people they like.”

‘They look like us.’  ‘They like the same things.’

Influencers will use their own Language.

You present you product or service.  “Tell what would you say about this to your Audience?”

They will speak and sell your products because there base relates to them.

Breaks the Natural Ad filter.

As long as it looks like Every other ad on Tik Tok it will convert.

The will watch. Listen to the message. Then click on the Call to Action button.

If you are in the Target Audience you can record the Videos yourself.

Here's the 10 most liked TikTok videos of 2021 - PopBuzz

The most important thing to keep in mind is that ads

that look like native content that always work the best.

Our brain has the ability to filter out ads

Companies tend to make the mistake of creating ads that

make their product look good instead of creating ads that

people actually want to watch

When you work with influencers, whether or not they post

the video on their profile is irrelevant

The most effective way to approach this is to buy the

content they produce and run it as ads from your

account, because:

- We buy from people that we trust, and we trust people

that look like us - work with influencers that look like your

target audience

- Influencers use their own words so it all sounds natural

- People are more likely to watch a video that doesn’t look

like an ad, even if it says “#sponsored” at the bottom

TIKTOK Doesn’t Work! I ran two ads. Spent Thousands. Got NOTHING!

Well You can run 200 Ads, and only two of the Ads will Actually Perform taking 90% of the Traffic. Don’t blame TikTok for your ads not working. The reasons your ads don not work is because of your process.

The Correct Way to Scale a TikTok Ad Campaign.

You Can’t Predict which ads will work well. It’s our job to run as many ads as possible. Dig through and find the diamonds. The Polish those ads and Scale them.

That is why we provide this service. We help you scale and Sell with Tik Tok.

The importance of scale

As a general rule of thumb, if you run 100 ads, 90 of

them will not work well, 7 will break even, and 3 will do


Out of those three, one or two might perform very well and

you’ll be able to scale them up for a long time

The problem is that you can never predict which ads

will work well, this is why you need to run as many ads

as possible to increase your chances of getting a Winner

Don’t worry about spending too much - if you run 100 ads,

you can quickly see which ones don’t work well and turn

them off, and in the end the ROI from the best performing

ones will cover the testing expenses